Iggy Azalea Puts Tyga In The Middle Of The Friend Zone

Iggy laughs off rumors that she's dating Tyga.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Iggy Azalea has shut down speculation she is dating fellow hip-hop star Tyga, insisting she knows him too well for their relationship to become romantic.

The Australian beauty has been linked with the "Rack City" star for months after the pair was spotted hanging out at California's Coachella music festival in April, and Tyga recently added fuel to rumors by liking several sexy photos the "Problem" hitmaker had shared on her Instagram account.

The rap duo collaborated on Iggy's brand new track, Kream, with the video for the single released last week, and the 28-year-old is adamant they have nothing more than a professional friendship.

"(I'm) extremely single," she told E! News, laughing off the romance chatter. "There are no pictures of me and him hugged up, but when you're at a music festival (like Coachella) and everyone's packed in like sardines, of course we're next to each other. When you hang out with your friends and you're the only two famous people out of 10, then (gossips claim) you're getting married and having children."

Iggy has known Tyga for nearly a decade and can't imagine becoming romantic with her long-time friend, but she loves making music with him, telling fans if they're spotted together again in the future, it's probably because they're recording a song.

"I first met Tyga when I was 19, I didn't have any music out," she explained. "Wanting to take a step back from my album back to a mixtape sound, I just thought Tyga would be a nostalgic collaboration for me to do because (during) the time I was making my mixtape (as a teen), he was doing his."

"I think we will do a lot more music collaborations," she adds.

Iggy's new tune with Tyga, "Kream," appears on her fresh album Survive the Summer.