The Ill Community is a family. A collection of people from different walks of life who share ideas, sare dreams, share laughs, and unfortunately occasionally share loss. Recently the Ill Community tragically lost one of its strongest contributors. Marquis Logan was a frequent and well thought of contributor to this community we share.

Many of us spend more time on this (when you consider time on work/school and home) than we do with out own friends and families. Bonds form. Ideas exchange. Marquis was a mover of ideas here in the Social Lounge. We are lessened by his absence. R.I.P Nibs Ra. Below is a goodbye from one of our Social Lounge compatriots. Be advised to treat this post with all due respect. Any "first" posts, free posts, or disrespectful comments will result in a one month banning from this site. Please pay your respects if you knew him or dealt with him-OD is a place that brings people that are not related by blood but are related by this culture together as a human family. Our love of and connection to Hip-Hop Culture itself and all the facets of life Hip-Hop touches is the glue that binds us and the online community is the platform upon which we can immortalize the beauty, artistry, complexity, and depth of those familial relations.

We recently lost a member of the family. His name is Marquis “Nibs Ra” Logan. He was a strong and extremely eloquent conveyor of ideas, especially to those who may have needed a deeper explanation of spiritual and philosophical information. He would debate and put forth original ideas or supports another's argument when they couldn't articulate their arument well enough.

His favorite rooms on the board were the Social Lounge and Race & Religion forums. Why? Because these were the boards that allowed him to best express his aspirations for himself and people of African descent, as well as those who sought progress with relations between different ethnic groups through the Hip-Hop.

Marquis was a far-reaching, uncompromising, Afrocentric, historically sound person. He held a realisticly frank approach to his thought process. His ability to convey connections between Africans and their Diasporan descendants not thought of by most was the way he reached people, even those who didn’t always agree with his position.

Nibs Ra was an 808 drum carrying the heart of the your favorite Hip-Hop track. He was the griot in West Afria spewing the historical realities of the challenges of being a person of African descent in this day and time; cementing th importance of the past to the lives we live today. He was the Sankofa bird on this site telling us we have to go back to our source, our origins in order to moved forward and make any true progress.

We must know how we got here by overstanding the paths we have taken no matter how painful, we must know the path we have traversed and beauty and richness of our heritage and try to modernized and resurrect as much of that heritage as is conducive to our progress as possible. Through the medium of this site he was able to reach the masses over long distances just like-Hip Hop. Nibs Ra was THAT DUDE!!!!!

I have my own personal memories of my brother. He knew me like no other. He was a most thoughtful, caring, and intelligent person. He was always striving for the betterment of himself and those he cared about. He was always striving to do his people and his ancestors proud by making his life an example of we as a people can achieve with out compromising who we are or our connection to Africa.

He always complemented my posts with sometimes an even deeper overstanding of concepts I put forth in my posts. Sometimes I found myself adding dimensions to information he would put forth in his posts as well. He was my spiritual twin. He was the Dr. Clarke to my Dr. Ben. From all of us to to you my brother may your soul rest in eternal peace. May your Ka & Ba live forever...