Iman Shumpert Speaks On Rumors He Was Involved With Drake's Alleged Baby Mother

Sophie Brussaux is still the talk of the industry.

(AllHipHop News) A number of people were pulled into the Pusha T vs Drake beef. Sacramento Kings guard Iman Shumpert became one of the unexpected players in the ongoing saga.

Shumpert's name was mentioned among the celebrities that supposedly had sex with the alleged mother of Drake's son. Teyana Taylor's husband stopped by The Breakfast Club and was immediately asked about the rumors he slept with Sophie Brussaux aka Rosee Divine.

"I ain't saying I smashed. I'm just saying my interactions with her were a long time ago," said Shumpert.

He later added, "That's fictional, but if I say something to everything it looks like, 'He's bickering with people, he's worried about [it].' I was just trying to be above things. But now y'all throwing me in stuff. I'm sitting here watching the Pusha/Drake beef. I'm listening to the raps and now my name... it's like come on, bro."

The Teyana & Iman reality star then stated he didn't want his wife to get distracted from her career by responding to the speculation. Shumpert declared, "All this positive stuff going on, I'm not finna do this for some Instagram models that wanna promote stuff."

Besides Shump, A$AP Rocky and James Harden were also connected to Brussaux in the media. Rocky was even accused of giving Pusha T the information about Drake's baby mama drama, but the Harlem rapper denied being the source of information exposed in Push's "The Story In Adidon" diss track.