Immortal Technique Helps Build Orphanage In Afghanistan

Making good on his previous pledge to begin a

"serious mission" by June 24, activist and rapper Immortal Technique

released a statement announcing his partnership with Omeid International to

build an orphanage in Afghanistan.

"The 'green light' has been given," Tech

declared in his statement. "I made the world a promise. Not the music

world, not the subdivision of Hip-Hop, not the 4th Branch, and not the 3rd

World underground."

"I gave my word that there would be a serious mission

on June 24th. Some of you just thought that was just the release of an album,

which it is partly. But it is really so much more than that for me and for the

eternal struggle. "

Tech went on to address the apathy and distrust he sees in

far too many of his generation.

"I know that the people who believe in the Revolution

are naturally cynical," Tech admits. "They expect their leaders to be

flawless and almost take pride in finding the subtle or blatantly obvious

hypocrisy in those they idolize. That is why I never wanted to be worshipped or

followed blindly."

"I know it is hard to trust anyone and anything in

this life, you feel better when you don't because you feel like you are no

longer as vulnerable," Tech reasoned. "But I am a man of my word and

I have never let other people's insecurities and self-image dictate my course

of action."

Omeid International, a non-profit Human Rights

organization, will oversee the project along with Immortal Technique.

The orphanage will assist children up to 10 years old who

"have been left without families because of the wars and diseases that

have ravaged the land."

An in-house clinic will also service all of the

surrounding communities, while certified teachers at the on site school will

instruct grades K through 5.

Above all, the main objective of this mission is to begin

a movement towards social change but empowering those who remain displaced and

without a voice.

"In every city in America we see homeless people. We

have become numb and desensitized to it, as if it was an acceptable

normality," Immortal Technique explains. "I cannot change this

throughout the world overnight, or I would, but I feel as if we have a good

chance to start a small project in Afghanistan that we can build on. I

pledge myself to this cause, to this Revolution."