Immortal Technique Hosts Benefit Concert For Afghanistan Children

Rapper Immortal Technique will host a benefit concert in San Francisco to benefit displaced children of war in Afghanistan.

Immortal Technique is hold to the show to raise money for Omied International, a human rights advocacy group in the final stages of constructing the Amin Institute in war-torn Kabul.

The institute/medical center will make full scale rehabilitation programs available to the 2 million orphaned children, over 60,000 of them homeless.

In addition to hosting the benefit show, Immortal Technique is putting up $10,000 dollars of his own money towards the Institute.

The rapper will also travel to dangerous region to ensure the final stages of construction are completed to meet the grand opening date, which is slated for March of 2009.

"My people this was not brought to you by some corporate sponsor, nor was it manufactured by some organization that takes 60% of the $ donated for 'administrative' purposes,” Immortal Technique told in a statement. “I am not a millionaire. I am not a movie star or a charity organization. I am just a man that heard the call and responded."

The region is still one of the most dangerous in the world and also has the highest refugee population on earth, with over 5 million refugees displaced since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Just today (November 13), a suicide bomber killed at least 11 people and wounded 74 others in an attack aimed at a U.S. military convoy.

The blast occurred in the Bati Kot District of Nangarhar, when a bomber driving a small passenger car exploded himself near a passing coalition convoy.

A number of children have been confirmed dead, as a Bazaar was taking place where they were attending a nearby school.

Just yesterday (November 12), a suicide bomber drew a truck of explosives into a provincial government compound in the Kandahar province and killed six people and wounding more than 40.

The Benefit for Afghanistan’s Children of War with Immortal Technique takes place Thursday, November 20th at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA.