Incarcerated Byrdgang Member Max B Announces Upcoming Release from Prison; Speaks on the Death of Stack Bundles

After serving over 8 months in prison for conspiracy charges stemming from a September 2006 robbery and murder in Fort Lee, NJ, Diplomats affiliate Max B informed that he will be released from prison in a couple of weeks.

“You already know, I'm about to make a big power move up out of here. I squared everything away with the Boss, should out to the boss Jim Jones, everything is situated. Bigavell bout to come back to hit the town like young Jesus of Nazareth, I'm bout to resurrect the game.”

The rapper born Charly Wingate appears to have reconciled with the Diplomats Capo, who has been in frequent communication with the incarcerated Byrdgang artist in recent months.

“We been speaking for a little minute now, I had to do some things on my end and reach out to some people to get things squared away. I just was a little frustrated, but you know I'm locked in 21 hours a day so I got a reason to act the way I act sometimes. But he always been there, that's my boy.”

According to Max B, the recent death of fellow Byrdgang member Stack Bundles encouraged him and Jim Jones to think about the future of the group.

“Plus the situation with Stack, rest in peace to my boy Stack, we miss him, that bring people together too. Stack gone and now it’s time to [put our differences] to the side and do what we do best, make that Byrdgang wave that everybody expecting.” Discussing plans to release an M.O.B. mixtape in tribute of Stack Bundles, Max B expressed his intention to keep the fallen rapper’s memory alive.

“[Stack] may not be here in the physical, but he definitely here in the spiritual form, his sound will always be with us. As long as I'm alive I'm going to rep him, that's my boy right there [and] it's deeper than the music. That was a good dude, a good soldier [who was] still young, it's a shame that his life had to go so sudden. That's a message for the young brothers out here that's coming up in the game. One minute you could be here, the next minute you could be gone, just like me. Special shout out to the whole Queens, my boy Stack we love you, we miss you dawg. We gonna rep you to the fullest, Byrdgang to the death I got you dog, you my n****, ooooww.”