Indie Film Chronicles Haiti Destruction (Video)

(AllHipHop News) Independent filmmaker Curtis Scoon has revealed details behind an upcoming documentary on the earthquake in Haiti, which devastated the tiny island nation last month and left over 200,000 people dead.

Scoon, who is noted for directing episodes of BET's American Gangster (Fat Cat, Shower Posse), utilized native filmmakers on the ground, who began shooting seconds after the earthquake struck.

The documentary, titled Cries From the Silent Quake, will focus on the aftermath of the earthquake, as told by the residents who experienced the horror first hand.

The film is being shot by pioneering Haitian director Jaques Roc.

“This is a project I'm Executive Producing about the current crisis in Haiti,” Curtis Scoon told “It is my honor and privilege to help the voices of the Haitian poor and underclass get heard. It is also my hope that this documentary will help the world understand the gravity of the suffering the Haitian people have endured, but at the same time provide a glimpse of the strength and resilience that Haitians are known for.”

The island is currently bracing for more chaos, as seasonal rains are expected to pour down on over 700,000 displaced people living in, or around the capital city of Port-Au-Prince.

“Hear from the people most affected and see for yourself with footage shot within 10 minutes of the biggest tragedy to ever hit the Island,” Scoon stated. “Currently my people are filming night and day to add to our extensive library of exclusive footage.”

Scoon is also in the process of developing a full-length feature movie on Jamaica’s notorious Shower Posse, which was responsible for thousands of murders in Jamaica and The United States.

Cries From the Silent Quake will air on a major network, that is yet-to-be announced.

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