Indonesian Teen Rapper Rich Chigga Announces Name Change

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The "Dat $tick" performer wants to start a new year with a new moniker.

(AllHipHop News) Brian Imanuel is leaving the stage name "Rich Chigga" in 2017. The rising Indonesian rapper is simply using Brian now.

"Yes I now go by ‘Brian’. I have been planning to do this forever and I’m so happy to finally do it. I was naive and I made a mistake. New year, new beginning, happy new years,” says Brian.

The "Dat $tick" rhymer faced some public objections for the name Rich Chigga. Critics accused the 18-year-old 88rising representative of trying to appropriate the word "n-gga," and he faced negative reactions for using the actual word in his music.

"My intent was to kinda help take the power out of that word so people would be less sensitive about it but I do understand if some people would be offended and I think doing it in that song’s enough," he told Pigeons & Planes last July. "I’m not gonna do it anymore. I only say it when I’m jamming to rap music and it’s really good."

Brian plans to release his debut project, Amen, on February 2. His discography currently includes "Gospel" with Keith Ape and XXXTentacion as well as "Crisis" with 21 Savage.