Infamous 'Trashman' Pleads Guilty In Gerber Case

AllHipHop Staff

A notorious character famous for threatening various figures in the entertainment industry now faces five years in prison for his antics, has learned.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office, Anton Dunn, also known as Trashman,” pleaded guilty to a federal charge of transmitting threats in interstate commerce.

Dunn was infamous for posting threatening messages on YouTube donning nothing but a black ski mask, to conceal his identity.

U.S. prosecutors hit Dunn with criminal charges after he posted an anonymous video on YouTube claiming employees at Gerber had poisoned baby food at his direction.

Dunn made the claim in several other YouTube posts and that it was “too late” to do anything because the tampered food had already been shipped.

The messages resulted in a flood of consumer calls to Gerber alerting the company to Dunn’s videos and expressing alarm about the safety of Gerber’s food.

In addition to the Gerber threats, Dunn, 43, of Manhattan, was responsible for posting a number of other odd, threatening messages.

In one post, he claimed responsibility for the June, 2007 murder of rapper Stack Bundles, who was gunned down in his hometown of Far Rockaway, Queens.

In another rant, Dunn threatened the life of popular radio host/TV personality, Wendy Williams.

“Even bogus threats of harm to consumer products can lead to great harm to the affected company and needless alarm to wide numbers of individual consumers,” acting United States Attorney Lev. L. Dassin told in a statement. “This case demonstrates our commitment to investigate and prosecute such pernicious conduct.”

Dunn faces up to five years in prison as well as a maximum fine of $250,000 dollars.