Influential Hip-Hop Films Come To Universities On "Route" Tour

New car company Scion has teamed with the Rebel

Organization, Inc. to present "Route," a hip-hop film screenings tour.

The tour, which is already underway, will hit

20 college campuses across the country during April and May.

"Route" showcases four independent

films that were important in the development of Hip-Hop culture.

"Wild Style," "Style Wars,"

"The Freshest Kids" and "Dithers" were all made by independent

filmmakers who embraced Hip-Hop and it's associated art forms.

Route's sponsor is Scion, a new car company,

that said it was promoting the tour because they were devoted to the artistic

needs of young people.

"Instead of the usual hype people get from

most corporations, Scion is devoted to giving young people things they care

about like good music, movies, and art," said Jeri Yoshizu, sales promotions

manager for Scion. "We are optimistic that if we are real about

giving our market what they want, they will be real about checking out our cars."

Through partner Rebel Organization, Scion will

have 20 street teams around the country hyping up Route on and off college campuses.

All screenings are free of charge.

Dates and locations are listed below:

State University of New York, Buffalo - 4/12/04

*University of Rhode Island - 4/12/04, 4/20/04

& 4/26/04

University of California - Davis - 4/13/04

DePaul University - 4/14/04

San Francisco State University - 4/14/04

Ohio State University 4/14/40, 4/19/04, 4/26/04

San Diego State University 4/13/04 & 4/20/04

University of Washington - 4/13/04 & 4/20/04

Cal State Los Angeles - 4/13/04, 4/20/04, &


George Washington University - 4/19/04, 4/26/04,

& 4/27/04

Virginia Commonwealth University - 4/19/04, 4/26/04,

& 5/3/04

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - 5/03/04,


Michigan State University - 4/21/04, 4/28/04,


Texas A & M, College Station - 4/22/04, 4/29/04,


Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - 4/18/04,

4/19/04, 4/20/04

Arizona State University - 4/21/04, 4/28/04

Rutgers University, Newark - 4/15 & 4/22

All screenings begin at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise