Inglewood Blood Gang Member Named Lil Rampage Gets 50 Years For Killing Kid Cali

Kid Cali was killed leaving a pool party because the gunman thought he was Crip.

(AllHipHop News) The man accused of murdering rapper Kid Cali is heading to prison for the next 50 years.

Kid Cali was an artist signed to NFL star Desean Jackson’s Hip-Hop label Jaccpot Records.

He was shot six times and murdered and two of his friend were wounded in August of 2016, as they left a pool party held by Kid Red in a ritzy area of Los Angeles.

The cops eventually arrested a 22-year-old man named Kenny Birdine, aka Lil Rampage, who was convicted of committing the murder on behalf of the Inglewood Family Bloods.

Investigators working the case said Lil Rampage thought Kid Cali was a member of the Rollin' 90's, but he was never listed as a gang member in their files.

They also said the rapper had done absolutely nothing to provoke the attack.

“You really a good friend, dad, cousin, brother, uncle and genuine dude. I can go all day and saying why this shouldn't happen to you but gods plan was different," Desean Jackson said shortly after Kid Cali's death in 2016.

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WHOA!!!!.......Dude in the picture looks like a tatted & 'roided up Black Rob!!!