Insurance Company Says Its Not Liable In $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against 50 Cent

An insurance company

claims it is not liable for a $10 million lawsuit against 50 Cent, claiming the

rapper took more than a year to report the assault of Richard "DJ Xzulu The

Big Lipped Bandit" Dunkerson at 93.9 WKYS-FM in Lanham, Maryland.According

to The New York Post, National Fire claims 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson,

waited more than 12 months to report the assault, which effectively nullified

the rapper's coverage.The

lawsuit was filed after former G-Unit member The Game and an entourage appeared

on Xzulu's show in Jan.

of 2005, weeks before the release of his chart-topping G-Unit/Aftermath debut

The Documentary hit stores. During

the interview, Xzulu allegedly made an off-color remark about a cell-phone ear

piece being worn by The Game's manager, Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond.Shortly

after the interview was over, police said a group of men confronted the DJ and

punched and kicked Xzulu, causing serious internal injuries.In

April 2005, another man named Kwasi Jones came forward and claimed that he

was beat by the pack of men the same evening as well. Jones

filed a $280 million dollar civil-assault case against The Game, G-Unit, Shady

Records, and Aftermath Entertainment.He

also claimed the labels were negligent for releasing several remixes to Game's

"Hate It or Love It" single which featured 50 Cent. On

the song, The Game rapped: "I'm rap's MVP/Don't make me remind y'all what

happened in D.C."While

charges against The Game were eventually dropped, Rosemond was found guilty of

misdemeanor assault in Feb. 2006. Rosemond

was later sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation and fined $2,500

for his role in the incident.