Intel Taps Black Eyed Peas To Promote New Brands

Intel has hired The

Black Eyed Peas to help promote two new Intel brands being unveiled this week.

The group has been tapped to perform at Intel’s party

during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Thursday (Jan. 5), to help

launch two new chips, Viiv and Centrino.

Intel is in the process of a major corporate overhaul, as the

company is re-branding key components of their business.

In addition to changing the name of their widely recognized

Pentium brand, the company is also dumping the “Intel Inside” logo

for a new corporate logo, “Leap Ahead.”

The Leap Ahead concept aims to position Intel as more than just

a chipmaker for personal computers.

The company is making a major push into cell phones, DVR’s,

televisions and other devices.

Intel is the world’s leader in microprocessors, which

power computers. While Viiv will power PC’s, Centrino will be used in

low power devices and Apple products, the result of a new alliance between Apple

and Intel.