International Beef Heats Up Between Rhymefest & Dipset's S.A.S.

The Dec. issue of U.K. hip-hop

magazine Hip-Hop Connection has caused a stir within the UK Hip-Hop scene.

In an interview with the

magazine - which features 50 Cent on the cover - Rhymefest has words for North

London rap group S.A.S., labeling the group’s career as "all an act.”

In the same issue, Dipset

CEO Jim Jones took aim at Rhymefest’s Chicago associate, Kayne West and

his choice of clothing.

“Man Kanye’s

spaced out,” Jim Jones told the magazine. “That s**t aint right

what he be wearing. That s**t be borderline homo. I can still fit 20/30 thou

[sand] in one jean pocket, he can’t fit two singles in his.”

And Rhymefest, signed to

Mark Ronson’s Allido Records, offered words for "those UK rappers

who signed with Damon Dash…they aint even f**king representing the UK!"

Rhymefest concluded

the interview by applauding Dizzee Rascal and Tyas, calling the rappers more

creative. "That's why with S.A.S., I can’t give a f**k!"

The North London rappers

have responded to about the article and claimed that the Chicago

rapper dissed them on a previous mixtape making the rounds.

"Rhymefest has been

told to say what he said because of marketing,” group member Mayhem told “He doesn't realize what he says will get him f**ked up

in the UK. This is not a game. I rep the street. Just because I don't go down

the pub and eat fish and chips, it doesn't mean I'm not from London. Rhymefest

has no idea!

Mayhem said that Rhymefest’s comments have infuriated him and group member

Mega and warnings have already been issued to the rapper from across the Atlantic.

“How dare he come

to my city and diss me to a UK magazine! I see him when I go to Chicago, New

York and around London. When I see him next time, I'm gonna f**k him up! He’s

been around since 1991? And we only started hearing about him now? He's over!"

S.A.S. signed with Cam’ron’s

Diplomat Records Europe imprint in 2002 but confusion arose when Damon Dash

held a press conference for the group in Jan. of 2004, implying they were signed

to Roc-A-Fella Records, which Dash was running at the time.

The group skipped the press

conference, making international headlines.

“We have

been doing music since 1998 and [have] grown up on the streets most of our lives.

Everyone from Marcy projects to Harlem knew us as ‘the boys from London

while we were in the United States. Did I change my accent to American? No!"

Last Monday, S.A.S. released

their mixtape album Streets or Salute which features Cam'ron, Nicole

Wray Juelz Santana and UK female rapper, Baby Blue.