Interpretations: YC The Cynic "The Heaviest Cross"

YC The Cynic, is a manifestation of his native Bronx aka Hip-Hop's birthplace, and he continues to cultivate his niche within the evolving genre. His previous mixtapes You're Welcome and FallFWD,resonate with the logophiles who appreciate fluid wordplay. GNK, the début album with producer, Frank Drake, reflects the emerging MC's mental dexterity in conjunction with an easy delivery. It works well.

The second verse of "Heaviest Cross," demonstrates The Bronx Bomber's ability to continuously challenge himself to deliver poignant rhymes. Here he declares:

…Very last steps of a fallen man / A&R’s giving me the song and dance / How I’m gone tell Mom Dukes I failed / Shit, I might be our only chance / Damn . . .

The Interpretations: Wrestling with the dilemma of having chosen his creativity over convention, the MC contemplates the known artistic indentured servitude of the corporate 360 Deal, with the possibility of not being able to provide for his family. Doubt destroys; failure is a plague that may shadow any efforts to improve.