Iowa Pastor & Wife: “Jesus Christ Is My N*gga”

“If you want to reach those kids on the street/you gotta do a rap to a Hip Hop beat.”

(AllHipHop News) There are these times when brain does not know whether to laugh, cry or get enraged. Pastor Jim Colerick from West Dubuque, Iowa’s now defunct West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ took one of these times to let the youth of Iowa know Jesus Christ was his “n*gga.”

In a video, which looks as dated as America’s Funniest Home Videos entrants, the Pastor and his wife bounce, mean mug, booty shake and an assortment of other maneuvers while a they rap over a beat fresh from 1971. According to the pastor’s wife:

If another MC says you’re a freak, you’re a lame-butt rapper and your rhymes are weak.
‘I don’t get mad and I don’t critique, I forgive him and turn the other cheek.
‘I don’t blaspheme and I don’t brag, I don’t cuss and my pants don’t sag.’


What she refers to as “Christian swag”.

With an elderly man manually operating a smoke machine behind him, Pastor Colerick uses his verse to denounce sinful individuals and take on a certain Hip Hop legend:

I preach the word, that’s my gig
And I rhyme better than Notorious BIG
All the other MC’s, I wish them well,
But if you live in sin, you’ll burn in hell.

 "A self-proclaimed \"honest,  peace loving n*gga\""

A self-proclaimed “honest, peace loving n*gga”

The video was uploaded a few weeks ago by YouTube user Brian Spinney and he claims to have helped the Pastor Colerick and his wife produce the video while he was in High School. That would have to be before late 2004, as West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ’s official website announced its closing on June 15th, 2004. The website has no previous news, physical address, pictures of the Pastor and/or his wife yet has running for over eight and a half years.

While it is not sure if this is a parody or not, what is clear is that Pastor Colerick and his wife took Christian rap to a different(read: awkward) level. Check below for the full video: