Iranian Rappers Help Organize Election Protests

AllHipHop Staff

Hip-Hop has traditionally been used as an agent for political change, but the music has taken form in Iran as the country is in turmoil over the recent presidential election.

Iranian-based sources with have revealed that many of the protest riots over the controversial reelection of have been partly organized by Hip-Hop artists.

"Hip-Hoppers -the new breed of Iranian musicians - are the ones who are doing a lot of the organizing of protests," said a source that requested anonymity.

The source stated that rappers have responded to governmental moves through their music.

"Cellphones and text messaging as well as internet in Iran has been cut off in the government's attempt to curb communication between the youth so the rappers are making songs," the source continued. "[Rappers are] telling and passing out [information] telling people where to go and meet and the issues going on. Its becoming the music of the revolution."

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won last Friday's presidential election decisively, but masses and masses of Iranian demonstrators have publicly opposed the victory. Protesters have accused the government of massive vote fraud and used signage such as "Where is my vote?" to present a unified message of opposition.

Wednesday marked the fifth day or protest.

This is Iran's 10th presidential election.

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