Irv Gotti: About To Sign Nas & More


Gotti said he is close to bringing Nas to his Murder Inc. label,

to lend him support in his ongoing feud with Jay-Z. After a show at the Tweeter

Center in Boston. ''I told (Nas) it would've been much better thing if he'd

have been with us,'' Gotti told The Boston Globe. ''I believe in strength in

numbers. If (the New York station) had pulled that with us, I'd have pulled

Ja, Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, the whole family (off the stage).''

Gotti has been

interested in signing Nas for years. When Gotti was an A&R at Def Jam he

was responsible for bringing Jay-Z to the label. So is he trying to calm the

beef between the two arch enemies? ''I'll try my best (to calm the feud down),''

Gotti said. ''I don't want to start no beefs with nobody. I don't want nobody

to die. You know what happened with Biggie and Tupac.''


at Def Jam, Murder Inc.'s distributor, discounted the notion that Nas was coming

to Murder Inc, but Gotti said otherwise. ''It's 90 percent sure,'' Gotti said.

In related news,

Gotti recently told BET that he would reverse roles with Ja-Rule and become

a rapper on Ja's new label, MI2, which stands for Murder Inc 2."I love

being Ja's artist and I think the public is really going to like that because

he is my artist and I'm his artist," he said. "When I do my stuff,

it's going to be stupid. It's not going to be a situation where I am an artist,

the way Ja is an artist. It's going to be more like a Dre, more like a Puff."