Irv Gotti In Court Over Cash Money Clique Album

Irv Gotti was in court last week, as a witness

in a dispute between Def Jam and independent label, TVT Records.

Lawyers for TVT said that Def Jam should pay

for damages incurred after the major backed out of an agreement that would have

allowed TVT to release an album of the Cash Money Clique, which would have featured


Gotti said that Def Jam CEO Lyor Cohen gave him

permission to work on the side project. "I make a lot of money for Lyor

and he better listen to what I say," Gotti told the jury.

At one point, Ja-Rule was signed to TVT. The

project was pushed back Gotti from last November, because Gotti was finishing

Ja-Rule's Last Temptation album.

"That's when Steve got angry. We're not

talking. It's just litigation and lawsuits," Gotti said.

Def Jam's lawyer argued there was never a contract

completed between Def Jam and TVT and that Gottlieb was upset that Ja-Rule has

rocketed to enormous success after leaving TVT.