Irv Gotti Says He Pulled A Gun On His Daughter's Boyfriend

AllHipHop Staff

Producer/mogul Irv Gotti said he jokingly pulled out a gun on his daughter's man.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Irv Gotti pulled out a gun on his daughter Angie's boyfriend when they first started dating, so the kid was clear about dad's "respect" chat.

The Murder Inc. boss appeared on TMZ Live on Monday (November 11th) and was asked about pal T.I.'s recent confession he uses an annual hymen test to make sure his 18-year-old daughter is still a virgin.

Irv admitted he could understand where the rapper and actor was coming from, stating, "Most men, like T.I. and myself, who have been with a lot of women... the last thing we want is to think that our daughters are gonna be with guys like us."

The chat then took a dark turn as Gotti revealed he made it clear he wanted his daughter's boyfriend to have the utmost respect for her when they started dating eight years ago.

"I pulled a gun out on him; I probably shouldn't say that," the record boss said, adding he now has a "great relationship" with her daughter's boyfriend. "I really like the guy."