Irv Gotti To Drop "Murder" From Record Label Murder Inc.

Irv "Gotti"

Lorenzo is in the process of changing the name of his label Murder Inc. to The

Inc. in an attempt to shed negative connotations surrounding the older moniker.

"I am changing

the name so people can just try and focus on our music and not our name,"

Lorenzo told "I've been making hits now for close to ten

years in this game. All everyone seems to want to focus on is the word 'murder.'"

A press conference

is scheduled in the near future to announce the name change. On that day, Lorenzo

intends to announce that he will no longer use the name "Gotti."

Lorenzo named himself

after New York mob boss, John Gotti. Similar to the original Gotti, Lorenzo

is under scrutiny from the United States government in a drug and money laundering


"I feel it's

a good idea," Def Jam's Founder, Russell Simmons, added. "They have

always made music that focuses on love, so it makes sense to get rid of the

word 'Murder,' it's just too negative."

Def Jam, the label

that Simmons founded, distributes records by The Inc., whose roster includes

multi-platinum artists Ashanti and Ja Rule.

The government

is probing whether or not Lorenzo aided Queen's drug kingpin Kenneth "Supreme"

McGriff in laundering drug proceeds through the record label.

Lorezno vehemently

denies the charges and saying that McGriff is merely a friend that he attempted

to help turn his life around.


people will focus on me and my artist's talents, which is making great records

and entertaining fans," he said.

The label recently

dropped Ja Rule's Blood In My Eye, which landed at number 6 on Billboard's

Top 200 Albums chart. Ashanti s set to drop a Christmas album as well.