Is He Guilty? Talks With Torae

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With his fingers in so many different pots within the music industry, Torae has mos def made his mark on Hip Hop in a profound way. Whether by his musical endeavors, or in his goal to spread the good Hip Hop word throughout the various platforms he has at his disposal, Torae has figured out how to come out on top of everything he attempts. He only continues to get better as an emcee and businessman as a result. His new project Admission Of Guilt is proof positive of that. Please check out's interview with Torae! Thanks so much for taking a few moments out for us sir, let’s jump straight on in! You've been working non stop Torae! Your fans probably have no idea how many different jobs you do in Hip Hop! Can you please let everyone know how many hats you wear in a day and what it’s like to be working this hard on so many different levels of this industry?

No problem thanks for having me. I definitely wear a few different hats, usually Knicks & Yankees though (laughter). No seriously aside from being an MC, I run my own company Internal Affairs Entertainment. I have this dope rapper signed named Torae, he's a beast. I also A&R for Soulspazm Records which is a independent label & distribution company. Lastly, every Sunday evening at 10pm ET you can hear me cracking the mic as an on air personality on SiriusXM's Hip Hop Nation on "Rap Is Outta Control" with DJ Eclipse.

images (1) Lot's of hats! (Laughter) Okay T, switching gears a little bit, we see that you are also a movie star! How did you come to be in the DEMOS documentary that's dropping now?

I'm not a star, somebody lied. I think I got approached about doing an interview for Demos about 2 or 3 years ago during A3C. Anything I can do to help new artists & further the culture I'm always down for so I agreed. Then once my manager Soul Wallace got involved I knew my scenes wouldn't end up on the cutting room floor. That's a cool story, Soul Wallace is a keeper no doubt! Alright, you have a new project out, talk to us about this project a bit. What inspired it, and who is a part of it? Will you be touring in support of it?

Yes, my new project "Admission of Guilt" is available now for free download. This is the 1st time I've released a free project so I'm hoping a lot more people are inclined to check it out. I have a few collaboration on it, some expected & some aren't. I'm most proud of the features from hip hop royalty Bun B. & Pharoahe Monch. It's an honor to have songs with them in my catalog. Other features include Skyzoo, The Kid Daytona, Torch of Triple C's & Uncle Murda. As far as touring, I'm actually replying to these questions in route to Houston from New Orleans on tour with Coast 2 Coast & Red Café. So yes, I am currently touring to support Admission of Guilt. Is there a specific message that you hope your music reflects to the listeners?

The message varies from song to song, release to release but overall my music reflects my life. I feel my life isn't much different from a lot of other people and I'd like to provide the soundtrack to whatever you're going through & experiencing at any given moment. What is one thing the fans don’t know about you that you wish they did?

That I speak fluent Japanese (laughter), nah that's a good question. I guess that I listen to and am influenced by so much different music, some stuff you probably wouldn't believe. So when I make my music I like to experiment & explore different stuff since I've continually given you my foundation up to this point. Actually, I can imagine, my ipod is not for the faint of heart either! (laughter) Cool! Can you give us three words that describe you as an artist?

3 words? Dylan, Dylan & Dylan! Either that or Fun, Fly & Free. (Laughter) OK, got it. So,what’s in the pipeline for you at the moment? Who are you working with and what can we expect?

Well due to the overwhelming demand by the fans Skyzoo & I are finally going to deliver that "Barrel Brothers" album we've been getting asked for since forever. Aside from that expect me to get back over to Europe to tour before the end of 2013. I'm also looking to drop a few videos to support Admission of Guilt. Dope! Please tell the people how they can keep up with you!

Keep up with moi? Good luck! Nah please feel free to follow @torae on twitter & instagram, like me on & stay updated on Thanks for your time & continued support Skyy.

Thanks again to Torae for taking a minute out for us! You guys be sure to keep looking out for his new project!