Is Rick Ross Really The Teflon Don?

Teflon Don was a moniker given to John Gotti, the Boss of all Bosses, because he was able to avoid many attempts to be convicted due to being acquitted or by having a jury of his peers not able to agree on a verdict. It wasn’t until 1992 when the United States Government, with the help of federal prosecutors and several witnesses, including the testimony of John Gotti’s under boss and right hand man, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, were they able to find charges to stick to the Don; rendering him no longer Teflon. When I heard the title of Rick Ross’ slated summer release Teflon Don, I couldn’t help but think about John Gotti. Immediately I thought to myself, “Wow, what statement is he trying to make?” Sidebar: I am a fan of Rick Ross’ music and if you’d like to know how I feel about him being employed as a Correctional Officer prior to becoming a rap artist, please visit the following link: Now, back to my original thought, what statement is Rick Ross trying to make? Why, Teflon Don I wonder? Could it possibly be that it’s because he was able to maintain his momentum and withstand the barrage of many efforts to discredit him while continuing to do what his job entails and that is make music, which just so happens to be good? In no specific order or account of events, let us consider what has transpired in the public eyes in regard to Rick Ross in the past few years, all while he released consecutive number one albums. · He took the name of a well known documented drug trafficker while he was imprisoned, profited by using his name and up to this point, has avoided legal or any other type of repercussions for doing so, excluding threats on the internet.· We’ve all seen the pictures of him in his Correctional Officer’s uniform and personal documentation to confirm that he was a Correctional Officer provided by the Smoking Gun; however, DJ Vlad probably was the last person to ever question him about his previous employment.· Reportedly, after being physically assaulted by Rick Ross and his camp, DJ Vlad sued for four million dollars and was recently awarded only $300,000.00, that Ross said he’s appealing.· Initiating a perfectly timed assault on the industry “bully” 50 Cent who threatened to ruin Ross’ life “for fun,” but instead the confrontation only generated a lot of attention, through an exchange of verbal insults, some music and Pryor like comedy skits and jokes; unlike many prior to him, Rick Ross appeared to walk away unscathed, rap career and life, still intact.· Withstanding (at least publicly) the potential damage caused by the partnership and exploitation of his heated rival at the time, 50 Cent, and the betrayal of the mother of his child.· The sex video of his other child’s mother hitting the internet after appearing in the hands of Mr. Jackson.· Having his finances and child support payments or lack thereof, publicly discussed and debated, of all places, on hip hop sites.· He was called out by a spokesperson for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton for wearing counterfeit LV shades while appearing on the cover of XXL Magazine, doing a feature story to promote his album.· The questionable insults spewed his way by at least one other Floridian rap artist, who was initially accused of releasing the CO pictures.· The Money Mayweather controversy· The video of his children and their mother, widely viewed on the internet, hanging out at nemesis Floyd Mayweather’s mansion with 50 Cent in toll.· And the countless insults hurled his way found in the comment sections of hip hop oriented sites and blogs. Since 2006 and especially during the year 2008, there have been a multitude of potentially career damaging, if not career ending events that has involved the Boss. Other artist’s careers have been destroyed for far less. Case in point, I bet nobody can honestly say what destroyed Ja Rule’s rap career? It’s not because there was singing and harmonizing in his songs because we love that in the music. Furthermore, the gentleman who attacked him and accused him of doing just that, in turn did the same thing himself and we bought it by the millions. Nevertheless, all Rick Ross has managed to do is get endorsed by Jay Z, create his own Maybach Music Group, build his brand, consistently get mentioned in the conversation of “The Hottest MC’s” and most recently get a cosign by Puff Daddy, while continuing to put out good music. Plus Puff Daddy mentioned him lyrically in the same breath as Biggie.The verdict may still be out on Rick Ross, but as of now, it’s like he has a posthumous “OJ Simpson” Johnnie Cochran heading his public relations department or just maybe, maybe, he is the modern day, Teflon Don.