Is UPN's Platinum Worth Anything?

After viewing UPN's hip-hop drama

"Platinum" it's apparent that the producers and writers have created

a show based on focusing on the worst elements of hip-hop. Its gangsterism,

misogny, violence, and brutality.

The "Platinum" premiere

episode highlighted the violence and ignorance in hip-hop that has become synonymous

with young people and black culture.

"Platinum" producers

have stated their intentions are to "keep it real." The only thing

they have "kept real" is the glorification of violence and brutality

that hip-hop needs to move away from.

We have lost Tupac, Biggie, Jam

Master Jay and many others to this type of ignorance.

How many more lives will hip-hop

lose before we wake up and realize that these programs masquerading as entertainment

only perpetuate the glorification of violence, alcohol, drug use, and negative

behaviors in hip-hop?

The hip-hop nation needs to realize

that, yes we need to "keep it real." But the shows producers are attempting

to mirror the worst in hip-hop.

You can use the same mirror the

producers of "Platinum" are using to correct what's wrong in hip-hop


The hip-hop nation should demand

that this show not only use its power to entertain but to make a positive difference

in the way hip-hop is viewed in society.

The hip-hop nation has lost enough

lives through senseless violence. We already have BET, so we don't need another

channel promoting violence, hip-hop thugs, drug use and booty shaking sisters.