It's All In The Game: Blurry For Curry?

Even in a weak Eastern Conference, it is almost certain that

the New York Knicks will once again start their summer vacation on April 16.

Whether it is Isaiah’s fault, Jim Dolan’s fault or Stephon’s fault – it really

doesn’t matter.

The fact of the matter is that whatever they are doing,

clearly isn’t working.

The Knicks proved that stacking talent doesn’t equal

chemistry. While they played terrible as a unit, you cannot deny the fact that

the Knicks have some very good players that could shine in a better system.

I could picture Jamal Crawford’s game flourishing in

Phoenix’s up-tempo system. Or imagine Nate Robinson playing in Golden State.

Or what if David Lee was a Piston?

While I see hope for a lot of the Knicks’ players, I

honestly worry about center Eddy Curry’s future. Is there a market for a slow,

overpaid center who is foul-prone, can’t rebound or block shots - despite

standing seven feet - and can’t play D?

I hate to throw Eddy under a bus, because from what I see,

he is a good person. But it is frustrating to see a man with his size and soft

touch fail to progress at all since he was drafted into the NBA in 2001.

Yeah, there was a stretch last year where he was looking

like he was developing, and he was putting up career high numbers of 19.5

points and 7 rebounds. But instead of getting better, his production digressed

to 13.2 points and 4.7 rebounds per game – his worst production since his

second season in the NBA.

I mean, how do you average 4.7 rebounds if you are 6-11 and

300 pounds? You mean to tell me that you can only pull 1.5 more rebounds a game

than little Nate Robinson, who stands 5-7 and a half? I understand his minutes

are 10 minutes less (25.9 mpg) than what he got last year, but that is just


Last week, Curry expressed that he felt that the game is not

made for big men anymore, and teams are starting to play small ball. While

there is truth to that statement, I think that is just an excuse.

Yeah, you are seeing more and more seven-footers who handle

the ball more and shoot more from the outside nowadays, but Eddy had a good

season last year. I fail to believe the league changed so much in one year,

that he can’t put up better numbers than that.

Of course you can’t compare his game to a Dwight Howard or

Tim Duncan, but look at someone like Shaq or Kendrick Perkins – two guys who

are slower, post-up players Perkins is a similar 6-10, 280 and he gets 6.1

rebounds and he plays less than Curry.

Shaq has slowed down considerably, yet he’s been pulling

down a lot of rebounds in limited minutes. And he just turned 36, Eddy is just

25, so what’s his excuse?