It's All In The Game: The Rose That Grew From Hardwood

College basketball officially ended for the season on Monday


In a thriller of a game, Kansas somehow came up on top –

despite being down by nine with two minutes to go in regulation. A late game meltdown

by Memphis

allowed Kansas

to force overtime and eventually win the National Championship.

While Memphis

will have another shot at the national title next year, they will probably have

to do it without freshman sensation, Derrick Rose. The 6-3, do-it-all guard from

the Chi will more than likely enter the NBA Draft, where he will be a guaranteed

Top Three pick.

You can bet Pat Riley, Donnie Walsh and any NBA team GM with

a potential Top Five pick were among the 10 million or so fans that tuned in to

watch the final game. Those GM’s know that Rose has the kind of game that can

turn around their franchises.

Even though his team lost and he struggled at the time, you

can see that Rose is special. Like Dwyane Wade, he is a powerful guard who can

take the ball strong to the hole and finish with contact. He’s got that Chicago game where he can

break you down off the dribble and can change gears faster than a Porche.

Derrick’s got incredible point guard skills. He is extremely

unselfish on the court and sees the floor as well as anybody in the college game.

Although his jump shot is a little inconsistent (he shot 35 percent from the

three), he has good mechanics and will keep getting better. He plays hard on D,

and his solid 200 pound frame will make it hard for NBA guards to push him


For the season, Rose averaged a very-balanced 14.8 points,

4.6 assists and 4.5 boards per game on a Top 3 team. He can play both guard

spots and can step in and contribute right away.

But just as important as his game, is his character.

Teammates love him, and he is so humble when you see him talk. Despite being

raised in an environment as tough as the Englewood

section of the South Chi, he had a great support system with his protective


Right now, Miami,

Seattle, Minnesota,

Memphis and New York, have the best

chances statistically to land Derrick. And you know they are all intrigued with

the possibilities of seeing Rose in their uniform.

Imagine a Miami

backcourt of Wade and Rose? Or picture Rose throwing lobs to Kevin Durant out

in Seattle (or Oklahoma City). Or what

about Derrick playing in the Garden in a Knicks uniform? It would be a perfect

start to the post-Isaiah era - if Walsh has any sense to finally fire Isaiah,

that is.

Although Rose would be my pick if I were the one picking

first in the draft, a lot of people would go with Michael Beasley, the other

super frosh out of Kansas

State. MB is a beast out

there that’s got that inside/outside game like Carmelo – but possible more


The Heat are the odds on favorite to get the number one

pick. Who would you take, Rose or Beasley? Sound off here and let me know what's

on your mind!