Italian Rap Star Sends Message To Prime Minister


rap star Lorenzo Jovanotti sent a message to Prime Minister Massimo

D'Alema to forgive all Third World debt as a sign of hope for

the new millennium.

Performing at the

country's biggest music festival in the Italian Riviera resort

of San Remo, Jovanotti declared: ``I would like to use the microphone

and the television, to ask you from here to make a huge sign...Cancel

the debt!'' ``One billion people on the planet live on less than

a dollar a day...Their poverty is not a choice but their only

reality,'' he said on the opening night of the annual six-day

festival that has Italians glued to their television screens.

Bono of U2 (who recently

did a song with Wyclef) told the Rome newspaper Il Messaggero

he would only attend the festival's finale on Saturday if Italian

Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema made a pledge on debt cuts.