Iverson's Misunderstood Pushed Back


you are like Late night host Jay Leno, you have jokes about

Allen "The Answer" Iverson and the Sixer facing

the colossal L.A. Lakers. But last night, Jay's jokes went

side ways when a quip referred to A.I.'s album being released

yesterday - it wasn't. The album, Misunderstood,

won't be found at a store for quite some time.

While slated

to be released yesterday (June 6, 2001), the disc was pushed

back because the Sixer's championship bid has kept the MVP

out of the booth to record.

The disc has

no new release date and will be completed shortly after

the end of the season according to a rep for Universal Records,

Iverson's label. Late last year, Iverson upset gay rights

activists, the NBA and women with "40 Bars," a

song may allege had lyrics bashing women and gays.