J. Cole Blasts "Twitter A&Rs" During On-Stage Speech In Montreal

Watch the Dreamville leader address his one-time critics.

(AllHipHop News) J. Cole has been very outspoken about the ills of internet culture. During a September interview with Billboard the "ATM" emcee expressed he believes Twitter is "f*cking fake," and he recently expounded on his contempt for online criticism. Montreality captured Cole's on-stage speech while performing in the Bell Centre. The North Carolina native reflected on his rise in the music industry.

"When I was at '53,' Montreal, it was a lot of talk and conversation happening on the Twitters - yeah, I said Twitters, n*gga, just process that. There was a lot of talk that was happening, and it was happening among this group of people called 'Twitter A&Rs,'" Cole told the crowd. "All [a 'Twitter A&R' does] is sit on Twitter all day and talk about f*cking rap music, whose album came out, whose sh*t's trash, just a lot of emojis."

The 33-year-old rap star continued, "The conversation these people were having sounded like this, 'Yo, I f*ck with J. Cole, but you know what his problem is, this gonna be his downfall: he ain't really got no hits, he don't make no hits, he ain't gonna have no hits, so he gonna be f*cked in the game because he don't really know how to make no hit records, so he's finished.' Yeah it hurt me... Montreal, we know now, on some humble sh*t, I got a couple [hits]."

Cole currently has 39 entries on the Hot 100 chart with 4 songs reaching the Top 5. He's also managed to score five #1 albums, including 2018's Gold-certified KOD.

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