J. Cole Says He Wanted To Sign Kendrick Lamar, Talks About His Run-In With Diddy And More


J. Cole stopped by The Combat Jack Show for an in-depth sit down.

Cole reflected on the first time met Kendrick Lamar. The Born Sinner rapper said after watching him perform at a party in Los Angeles in 2010, he gave him major props. After they spoke, K. Dot sent him his songs "Pussy and Patron" and "Cut You Off," and Cole says he was so impressed that he wanted to add him to the Dreamville roster.

“I actually wanted to sign him, but I didn’t have my business right," said the North Carolina native. "I was like 'who the fuck is a Top Dawg?' Then it turned into some shit where he blew the fuck up and reached levels that I haven't reached. I didn't know that nigga' would go platinum before me."

Hollywood Cole also spoke on his controversial verse on "Fire Squad" where he compares Iggy Azalea, Eminem and Macklemore to Elvis Presley for "snatching" the black sound.

"I'd never go at Eminem," he says. "It's not even Iggy Azalea's fault, she's chasing her dream. It doesn't matter the quality of her music but I have to comment, it's my job to tell you what's on my mind in the slickest way ever...When history is told Macklemore is in them books, Iggy Azalea's in them books."

There were rumors back in 2013 that Cole and Diddy had a scuffle at a MTV Video Music Awards party after Diddy allegedly tried to pour a drink on Kendrick over the "Control" verse and Cole intervened.

“It was just a quick disagreement that turned into something,” he said. “Never been a beef, never is a beef. … It was too quick to really be considered a fight.”

Listen to the full interview below.