J Dilla's Family Partners With Delicious Vinyl To Debut Unreleased Material

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) More unreleased material by revered producer J Dilla has been unearthed and will be released under a new partnership between the late producer's family and Delicious Vinyl Records.

Yancey Media Group has partnered with Hip-Hop label Delicious Vinyl, to release Lost Scrolls, which will consist of unreleased material from the catalog of J Dilla.

Much of the new music will come from material that was discovered in April of 2012, in a storage bin.

Jeff Bubeck, who owns the Royal Oak-based record store UHF, returned boxes of undiscovered tapes, manuscripts and other artifacts, to J Dilla's family, after he had discovered them in a storage bin.

Yancey Media Group has tapped childhood friend Frank Nitt to curate the unreleased material that will be released under the new deal.

“Dilla was my closest childhood friend,” Frank Nitt said in a press release. “I went with him out to L.A. that first time in 1996. I met [Delicious Vinyl founder] Mike Ross then and saw he was giving Dilla the opportunity to get his beats out.

"Fast forward thirteen years, after Dilla passed, Illa J makes Yancey Boys, and again I go out to L.A. to help with promotion. Mike Ross asked to hear what I was doing, and Delicious Vinyl wound up releasing my Jewels In My Backpack EP. So Delicious Vinyl goes back with Dilla to the beginning, and has always been part of furthering his legacy properly. We’re doing doing this with Delicious Vinyl with the total approval of [Dilla's mother] Ma Dukes, who’s known and trusted Mike from way back.”

The first release from the Lost Scrolls cache will be digital-only single coming this December titled “The Throwaway” Yancey Boys feat. Nitt.

Even more exciting to fans will be the unreleased tracks featuring verses of J Dilla himself rapping.

In related news, Talib Kweli, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Brandon Williams Experiment, Frank & Dank, Illa J and DJ's Spinna, Sicari and Houseshoes will headline the Second Annual Dilla Day in Detroit on February 9th, 2013.