J. Dilla To Be Honored By The Michigan Opera Theatre at Gala


Dilla and Opera? The legendary producer is getting a new honor reserved for the best of the best.

By Biba Adams

(AllHipHop News) What happens when you combine opera and Hip-Hop? Detroit will soon find out at the signature society event of the season, BravoBravo! an entire room is dedicated to the music and legacy of James “J. Dilla” Yancey. The room is inspired by the theatrical production “Hansel and Gretel” and is the official dessert room of the event. With plush pink velvet banquettes, gold curtains and custom-designed donut pillows, the event is a perfect tribute to “Cake Boy” Dilla.

BravoBravo! is an annual black-tie gala encourages people to “imagine, innovate, inspire” with a theatrical theme that celebrates storytelling, like the performances presented at the historic theater. Per tradition, BravoBravo! will include three floors of music, dancing and refreshments featuring the area’s most popular bars, restaurants and musicians. The event features catering from dozens of Detroit restaurants and in the Dilla Room, Dilla’s Delights donut shop will be serving up their classics including the “Cake Boy Chocolate,” and “Fantastic Fritter.”

Music in the Dilla Room will be provided by Nick Speed and Dilla-collaborator Andres “DJ Dez” Hernandez. Fresh off the success of the D-Cyphered Hip Hop exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, the city of Detroit has begun to recognize the importance of its Hip-Hop music and artists to the success of the city’s resurgence. A committee of seven different political, cultural, and social organizations chose Dilla to celebrate.

“BravoBravo! is a community event that serves to showcase the best musicians and restaurants in Detroit while also supporting one of the city’s largest cultural institutions, the Detroit Opera House. J. Dilla was a local artist who rose to international success, leaving a profound impact on the city’s music scene, as well as hip hop in general. We are proud to partner with our friends and neighbors Dilla’s Donuts, owned by Dilla’s uncle Herman Hayes, to pay tribute to him.” –Frankie Piccirilli, Chief Development Officer, Michigan Opera Theatre.

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