J-Kwon Alive and Well; Rapper Weighs in on Disappearance Claims from Former Record Label

(AllHipHop News) Reports of J-Kwon being missing are false.

The rapper spoke on the reaction generated from claims of his alleged disappearance, which was reportedly made public on Wednesday (March 3) by his former record label, Gracie Productions. The label revealed that J-Kwon had disappeared for nearly 30 days and requested help in locating the rapper.

News of the rapper’s disappearance caused fans and supporters to make calls, e-mails and prayer requests for the entertainer’s safe return.

Despite speculation over his status, the J-Kwon admitted he was unaware of what was going on until he received calls from family and friends several hours after the alleged disappearance. It was at that point the St. Louis native and his manger, Keith Matthews took steps to defuse the situation. The pair maintain the actions of claiming J-Kwon's disappearance were completely independent and did not involve them.

"When we were contacted of that situation, we were reaching out to fans and other people that support J-Kwon to let them know it is not real," Matthews said a statement. "It did not have anything to do with us, it did not come from our camp."

According to J-Kwon, the situation was unnecessarily elevated to a level it should not have been.

"Things get taken out of hand. On top of that, there are other families that are really missing people and my heart goes out to them. I'm not trying to promote anything,” the rapper added. "I just prayed about it and moved on."

In addition to letting family, friends and fans he was doing "just fine," J-Kwon notified the St. Louis police department about the situation as well as clear him of any wrongdoing.

As for the motivation behind Gracie Productions’ announcement, Matthews believes the action may have stemmed from a business situation involving J-Kwon and Gracie Productions.

"We did a non-exclusive situation with them and then that was it. We started off with a good relationship,” Matthews said. “I think it was a miscommunication when it came to them taking actions on their own. I do not know why they did not reach out to us or to me to do something like that. I was shocked that they did not reach out to me or call someone. They have not returned any phone calls or e-mails, not the management or anyone."

Although he may not know the real reason behind Gracie Production’s announcement, Matthews is quick to say the disappearance had nothing to do with attracting attention for J-Kwon. "At the end of the day, J-Kwon was successful in his career," stated Matthews "He is an established artist. It did not do anything to enhance his career because he has a good career. There was no reason for them to do that."

Putting the ordeal behind him, J-Kwon is reportedly continuing work with his Kwon for Kids organization as well as pursuing new projects and building his company, Hood Hop Music, which signed a new pop artist and fellow entertainers Gino Green and SOC.

Prior to the disappearance situation, Gracie Productions mentioned that J-Kwon was preparing to release a new self-titled album this month.