J-Live Shoots Two Videos

J-Live live recently shot two videos from his

latest album, All Of The Above in Pittsburgh, PA. Shot by and financially

backed by Pittsburgh native Chris Ivey and Hyperboy Media, J-Live shot videos

for "Mcee," and "Like This Anna."

J-Live was originally going to shoot a video

for "Satisfied," another track off of his critically acclaimed album,

but due to the controversial topic (it deals with September 11th), the director

and the artist agreed to shoot videos for the songs that weren't as aggressive.

Working with a limited budget, Ivey and J-Live

figured out ways to keep the video interesting. "It's all in the way you

shoot," Ivey told the Pittsburgh Post. "You've really got to push

the creative, have fun with the camera."

For "Like This Anna, the concept's gonna

be these guys trying to hit on girls a little too aggressively and the girls

just kind of jack 'em up a little, put 'em in their place."

"MCee" is more of a performance clip,

with breakdancing. "There's not enough craftsmanship in today's hip-hop,"

J-Live said. "It's gotten to the point where kids are listening to records

thinking, 'Okay, well this guy sounds just like him, so what's stopping me from

sounding just like him, too? 'If I'd had that type of mindset when I started

rhyming, I'd have been finished, 'cause they weren't having that in '89!"