J. Lo Says Music Is Not Of Black Origin

Despite her work with such rappers as P.Diddy,

Big Pun, Ja-Rule, Fat Joe, Nas and others, Jennifer Lopez recently sent a statement

to the Music Of Black Origin Awards (MOBO) claiming that her music was not of

black origin.

The organization requested a song by Lopez for

the 2002 MOBO album, a request Lopez denied. In the letter Lopez said that her

music was of Latin origin and that she wants nothing to do with the compilation,

which features such acts as Jamiroquai and the Sugababes.

"With collaborations with urban artists

we are surprised that she would accept a recent best hip-hop award and previous

MOBO nominations, but not consider her style of music to be of black origin,"

A MOBO spokesperson said in a statement. "A statement from Jennifer Lopez

to her UK label states that she doesn't consider her music to be of black origin."

Lopez, who recently accepted an MTV Award for

best hip-hop video, found herself facing accusations and protests last year,

after she used the word n*gga on her smash hit, "I'm Real," which

featured JA-Rule

The MOBO Awards are scheduled to take place at

London Arena in the U.K. October 1st. and recognize the accomplishments of hip-hop,

R&B, reggae, dance, jazz and gospel artists.