J. Period and Black Thought Team Up For Live 'Illadelph Edition' Mixtape

(AllHipHop News) DJ J. Period and The Roots' lead vocalist MC Black Thought have released a one-of-a-kind mixtape titled the J. Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition) EP. The latest collaboration between the pair was recorded live onstage on September 26th, at the Toronto-based Hip-Hop festival, The Manifesto.The 30-minute EP features live J. Period remixes with Black Thought rhyming over new and classic rap tracks, singles by The Roots and for a finale, the rapper impersonates his favorite MC's. “What I love about the Live Mixtape is that it separates the real MCs from the studio MCs,” J.Period told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “As a performer, Black Thought is unmatched in his breath control, and his voice live on stage is just as compelling as it is on wax. That was the motivation behind this EP, and the fact that it plays as well as a mixtape as it does as a live show is a testament to Thought’s incredible abilities as a live MC. There’s no one else in his league in that regard.” As an added bonus, DJ J. Period and Black Thought are offering the 30-minute J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition) for free, as a download. “I came to do this just on the strength of J. Period’s [invitation],” added Black Thought. “I appreciate J. Period’s hustle. He’s dedicated and he goes in. Once he has a vision, he’s gonna see it through to fruition.”To download the J. Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition) EP visit http://www.jperiod.com/livemixtape.