J Prince Associate Says DEA Agents Framed Him For Murder To Bring Down Rap-A-Lot

A man the feds claimed was a hired killer for J Prince says he was set up "The White Devil."

(AllHipHop News) An associate of Rap-A-Lot boss J Prince who was convicted of murder thanks to the testimony of an ex-DEA agent may finally see the light of day.

For years, J Prince and rap star Scarface maintained they were unfairly targeted by DEA agents Jack Schumaker and Chad Scott, aka "The White Devil."

Jack Schumaker and Chad Scott led the DEA's failed investigation into Rap-A-Lot for alleged drug dealing back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

The investigation was eventually shut down, and J Prince has gone on to be one of the most successful and influential businessmen Houston has ever produced.

Unfortunately, his friend Lamar Burks was sent to jail in 2000, over the murder of a man named Earl Perry, which he says he did not commit.

Back in June of 1997, a dozen people were out front of T's restaurant in the 5th Ward shooting dice, when a dispute broke out, gunshots were fired and Earl Perry was killed in a targeted shooting.

Lamar Burks was originally arrested after a witness identified him as the shooter, but the case was immediately dropped when that same witness admitted it was a case of mistaken identity.

Lamar Burks went back to follow his dream of being a record label executive as the CEO of a fledgling record label called Dollar Bill Recordz, which was developing artists in hopes of being distributed by Rap-A-Lot.

But two years later, in 2000, DEA agents claimed they developed new evidence and put Burks on trial for Perry's death.

Lamar Burks was sentenced to 70 years in prison for the murder, with the help of evidence provided by Jack Schumaker and his partner, disgraced former DEA agent Chad Scott.

Chad Scott is about to go on trial for a second time after the FBI accused him of using drug dealers to enrich himself, and falsifying documents to secure convictions.

Lamar Burks claims he was collateral damage in Jack Schumaker and Chad Scott's failed pursuit to have J Prince sent off to prison.

At Burks' trial in 2000, Jack Schumaker testified that Burks was really a hired hitman for J Prince, who was supposedly planning to kill an informant.

It is a charge Lamar Burks has strenuously denied over the years and claims the allegations were a plot to set him up by the crooked DEA agent, "The White Devil."

For over 20 years, Lamar Burks has been trying to gain his freedom and he could be released and exonerated soon, thanks to explosive new admissions from two key witnesses.

According to The Appeal, Randy Lewis and Burks’ co-defendant, Clayton Brown, have come forward with newly signed declarations that Burks had nothing to do with the murder.

“After being arrested on an unrelated drug charge by Chad Scott and DEA Agent Schumacher, I was told that I would be let go if I cooperated with them,” Randy Lewis said in the affidavit.

Randy Lewis said those agents threatened to tell the streets he was a snitch is he didn't cooperate.

Even Clayton Brown, who admitted to being one of the triggermen at the scene, said Burks was innocent.

Clayton Brown signed an affidavit in 2011 saying the killer stood “7’ feet tall, dark complexion, several gold front teeth, and had a Cajun or Louisiana accent.”

Brown even provided the name of his co-conspirator, a man named Derevin Whitaker, who was the star witness against Burks in the 2000 trial. He cut a deal with prosecutors to have his own charges dismissed in return for testimony.

And long after Lamar Burks was in custody for the murder and the Rap-A-Lot investigation had concluded, he claims the agents attempted to get him to give up information on J Prince, but he flatly refused.

Lamar Burks is currently working on his third appeal, as dozens of cases and convictions brought by Chad Scott have been overturned or vacated.

Burks almost tasted freedom in February, after a judge mistakenly signed off on an agreement that would have overturned his conviction as investigators probe Earl Perry's murder.

As for Chad Scott aka "The White Devil," he recently stood trial for the corruption charges.

In another plot twist to the already complicated case, a mistrial was declared when a jury could not reach a verdict.

Chad Scott is scheduled to go on trial for the second time in August.

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These POS are exactly where the belong, in prison doing time.


He debunked claims he did the dirty job.. The old news has been resurrected


the jury deadlocked in February. This is an old story