Ja Rule Announces Ownership Of Women's Football Team In The WFLA

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"I think the world has been waiting to watch Women's Professional Football nationally for centuries."

(AllHipHop News) Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins purchased The New York Stars franchise in the Women's Football League Association. The 32-franchise WFLA is being touted as one of the first women’s football organizations to pay its athletes.

"These ladies have been fighting for a long time on the football field, playing for several years and for several organizations from earning absolutely no salary to paying to play," said CEO Lupe Rose during a keynote speech in MGM Las Vegas.

She continued, "I have had an [overwhelmingly] positive response from other athletes, coaches and organizations who want to participate in making history with the first-ever Professional Womens football organization." 

The WFLA is preparing for their next scouting combine in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 19. The league is also expected to hold meet-and-greet events and after-parties.


"CEO Rose is doing this right," explains Ja Rule. "I had to support this women's business powerhouse SHE is building, and as a huge football fan, I think the world has been waiting to watch Women's Professional Football nationally for centuries."

Rose added, "I will continue to fight the good fight for our women with every breath I take to organize, establish, and build this entertainment powerhouse to the highest height."

The WFLA is expected to launch in Fall 2020 with each team playing 18 games over an 18-week period. The regular season will be followed by four Wild Card playoff games, four Divisional Round games, two Conference Championship games, and the Diamond Bowl. 

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I loved Ja's Music back in the day. But they not timeless. Shooting a video for every song he made is a waste of money. He hasn't been able to come out with one song since his release from prison. No one is checking for him anymore. The world has been waiting for professional women football??? That is a venture doomed to fail like that muzic fest he was involved in. I won't pay that shit no attention. Can't get excited about watching that. A true Queen is made to be loved on, not damaged goods!!! Get off that Molly and come correct lol!