Ja-Rule Expands, Readies New LP


who will shoot the video for his latest single, “Always

On Time” next week in Miami, has been a busy man

lately. According to sources, it seems that JA-Rule

has set his sites beyond Hip-Hop, recently penning the

remix to Jennifer Lopez' hit "I'm Real," as

well as songs on Mariah Carey's new album glitter. Ja

has also finished up writing tunes for TLC and Brandy

as well. "JA is becoming a very well rounded artist,"

Def Jam publicist Theda Waller said. "He has set

his sights beyond Hip-Hop."

JA recently

announced that he finished up an untitled song with

metal act Metallica. "I spin two 12-bar verses

with Metallica on their new big, huge record they got

that's crazy," Ja Rule said.

Ja Rule

will release his latest LP, Pain Is Love on October

2nd. Here is the track listings:

Pain Is

Love Tracklisting

1 Pain Is Love (Skit)

2 Dial M For Murder

3 Livin' It Up

4 The INC.

5 Always On Time

6 Down A** B**ch

7 Never Again

8 Worldwide Gangsta

9 Leo (Skit)

10 I'm Real (Murder Remix)

11 Smokin and Ridin

12 X

13 Big Remo (Skit)

14 Lost Little Girl

15 So Much Pain

16 Pain Is Love