Ja Rule Is Suing Female Who Won $75K After Slip & Fall Incident

Ja Rule is fighting back in a lawsuit filed by a housekeeper.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule is not letting anyone take his money who doesn’t deserve it.

Back in 2015, the New York native lost $75,000 after his housekeeper, Josselyn Berniz, sued him for a slip and fall incident while preparing to film his reality television show titled Follow The Rules.

Berniz was hired to clean up to prepare for the shoot, and ended up tripping and fell onto a patch of ice right outside the couple’s mansion.

The “Always On Time” rapper is now suing the maid, claiming she is a scammer.

He claims she is concocting the lawsuit to extort money from him, which he worked hard for.

In court documents, Rule recently filed court documents accusing Josselyn Berniz of concocting the lawsuit as a means of extorting money from the artist,

The housekeeper stated the fall left her permanently injured and suffered “great pain and anguish,” with her husband confirming she was left unable to perform her duties as a wife.

Because Ja Rule never responded to the initial suit, the judge went on to award Berniz $75 grand.

Now, the Murda Inc. rapper has countersued Berniz for fraud and civil conspiracy, claiming she never notified him of her alleged injury, claiming she continued working for him and others without any issues.

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