Ja Rule Meets With Minister Louis Farrakhan, 50 Cent Next

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Ja Rule

had dialog with the Minister Louis Farrakhan on The Nation of Islam's farm on

Thursday. The contents of their conversation will simultaneously be broadcast

on 85 urban Clear Channel stations across the country.

Sources told AllHipHop.com

that the purpose of the meeting between Ja-Rule and Farrakhan is to mediate

tension between the two men and encourage peace between their respective camps.

Big Tigga was originally

requested to do the interview, but sources said that Farrakhan was chosen at

the request of Irv Gotti.

Farrakhan spoke

with 50 Cent on Thursday as well and will meet with him one on one in the coming

weeks. Farrakhan will also meet with Irv Gotti and Chris Lighty, who manages

50 Cent.

"The reeducation

of the public, which is the duty of all in leadership, will cause us to make

demands on our artists, their managers, promoters and the owners of the recording,

movie and television industries so that the public will be fed a better diet

spiritually and mentally, as well as musically and artistically," Farrakhan

said of the rap industry in January.

This is not the

first time that Farrakhan, leader of the Nation Of Islam, has met with feuding

rappers. Shortly after the murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.,

the Minister met with various artists, attempting to broker peace.