Ja Rule Plans To Bring Pac Back

Today (August 23), Ja Rule called to New York's

Hot 97 to answer to DMX's recent interview on DJ Kay Slay's radio show. DMX

has called Ja, his former "hypeman" on the late night mix show, which

was hosted by Foxy Brown.

"The Crack man is calling up talking sh*t.

I was really enraged," Ja said alluding to speculation that DMX spent time

in a rehab for crack cocaine. "This n*gga right here is out of line - Crack

man X."

Ja said the X's jealously was a byproduct of

his multi-platinum success and that his label mate's stock appeared to be dwindling.

"He can't f*ck with me and its hurting him

right now that I am bigger than him.

I'm bigger than him and he's mad."

"The reason [for his jealous] is he is a

b*tch and that's what b*tches do," Ja said getting increasingly upset.

The rapper then suggested that the beef could

escalate beyond mere words and lyrical exchanges.

"I'm a give him what he wants. However you

wanna do it - don't close the street option," he said. He continued saying

that he would battle DMX in any way, shape and form - including street warfare

or lyrical

At the end of the brief interview, he said he

was tired of all the comparisons between him, DMX and the late Tupac.

"Ya'll wanna see Pac come back? Well, here

it is n*ggas," Ja said and then hung up.

Later in the afternoon, Irv Gotti weighed in

on Ja's on-air rant from Cleveland. Below are excerpts from that conversation

with Sunny of Hot 97.

"[DMX] keeps smacking him in the face and

the guy is being gracious, because [Ja] has somebody like me saying, "Just

leave it alone. [But] he keeps getting smacked in the face over a period of

time, its going to be one smack that he can't take."

"I am DMX," Gotti said citing his instrumental

role in getting DMX his deal with Def Jam, a role in the movie "Belly,"

and national media exposure. "The guy was a great friend of mine."

"We all making money here so I don't think

money is a question here," Gotti said, "The question is, [there is]

a dude being a scumbag and a dude being a good dude. The truth of the matter

is he is out of line."

"X, if you are listening, check yourself.

Look around you, X, and you are going to see something around you that's real

eerie. Everybody that came up with you, none of these n*ggas is around you right

now. You just got a bunch of yes men. Its nothing real around you. Where's Uncle

Ray, dog, you done fired Uncle Ray? You done fired your real n*ggas and let

them go. Check yourself dog. Look in the mirror. Don't even look at Ja. Look

at the man in the mirror and get your sh*t together first.

"Murder Inc is a peaceful label. We don't

want a problem with anybody, but if you guys want a problem 'OK now you's can't

leave now," Irv Gotti concluded alluding to a scene in the gangster flick,

"A Bronx Tale."