Ja Rule's Manager Arrested For Laundering Money

Rapper Ja Rule's manager Ron “Gutta” Robinson of Murder Inc. was arrested and indicted on money laundering charges Wednesday (Nov. 17) as federal prosecutors continue an investigation into the record label’s possible involvement with drug dealers.

Federal investigators allege that Robinson, 29, conspired with unknown suspects to filter over $1 million for five years. The indictment read that Robinson purportedly "knew and believed that some of the laundered funds were the proceeds of...a controlled substance," according to the Associated Press.

Robinson was arraigned in federal court and released on $500,000 bond. His attorney Stacey Richman said Robinson will dispute the charges.

Court filings claim that Murder Inc, now known as The Inc., had been laundering drug money from crack dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, who federal officials have connected to several drug-related murders, according to reports.

McGriff is currently in prison on a gun offense and has yet to be charged with the murders. McGriff and members of the Inc., including Ja and Irv Gotti, consistently have denied the allegations.

Robinson's arrest comes a week after Inc. bookkeeper Cynthia Brent was indicted on similar charges.