Ja Rule Starring In New Donald Goines Flick, Launches Film Company

Following the success

from his latest role in the film "Assault On Precinct 13," The Inc.

recording artist Ja Rule recently extended his endeavors in film by landing a

role in the big screen version of Donald Goines' classic novel, "Whoreson"

and launched a film company in the interim.

Ja Rule, who has built his

acting resumé over the past years, teamed up with acclaimed director

Bill Duke to complete the urban-inspired film.

In Goines’ original

semi-autobiographical novel, the main character’s name was “Whoreson

Jones,” the son of a black prostitute and an unknown white male, struggling

to survive in Detroit.

By the age of 16, the main

character has become a cold blooded, ruthless pimp.

"If yall ever read

it, it's a very intriguing novel," Ja Rule told AllHipHop.Com. "It's

an in depth, street, hood, pimped out hustling story. It's a real story that

people could get into.”

Fans of the original novel

frequently comment on Goines’ writing and have labeled Whoreson Jones

as the most interesting character in all of Goines’ novels.

“You may have a tear

jerker here, but that's real life,” Rule said of the movie. “We

are trying to put something real slick together for yall."

Duke has produced or directed

such films as “Hoodlum” and “Deep Cover.”

Rule, who has appeared in

such movies as “Turn It Up," "The Fast and The Furious,”

"The Cookout,” “Shall We Dance" and "Assault On Precinct

13," recently launched a new film company, FocusVision.


will be Rule’s 11th movie appearance.