Ja Rule Working On Comedy Sitcom

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule has recently announced that he has several television programs in the works that will be released to fans soon.“We got a situation that we’re working with, where its Hip-Hop based and we are focusing on my new talent. Harry O, Montana, and Life,” Ja Rule told said in an interview.In addition to the hip-hop based show, Ja Rule will be doing a reality TV show with his family involved.“We are focusing on that with one show, and I am doing a show, a little something with my family, you know that’s kind of cool, so.”In addition to the other reality TV shows, the Murder Inc. artist stated that he is also using his acting talent to partake in a written sitcom as well.“I am doing a sitcom, a real written sitcom, so that not reality, we are doing the TV thing and we are having a good time, and the movie thing, so it working,” Ja Rule added.Ja Rule has been in major features as an actor since 2001 according to IMDB.com, and has had roles in the movies, The Fast and the Furious,Scary Movie 3, The Cookout and Assault on Precinct 13 to name a few.“I am not shopping any of the deals, they are actually deals that we got in the works already with stations. I’m not gonna name the stations at this moment, but they will be out real soon so holla,” Ja Rule joked.In related news Ja Rule updated fans about the possibility of Irv Gotti doing a season 3 of his TV show that was called Gotti’s Way.“I don’t think Gotti is shooting a 3rd season of his show, he shot the two seasons and now I think he’s going to fall back on the next season,” Ja Rule said of his partner at Murder Inc.“That’s my ni**a Gotti, we talking big business, I just got off the phone with Gotti a little bit ago and we got some new things coming over the next year."Ja Rule has also had music featured on several TV and movies soundtracks as well including but not limited to, Next Friday, Friday After Next , Exit Wounds, The Fast and the Furious, Glitter, Saturday Night Live, Ali G Indahouse, The Wire, Belly, Blue Streak and Rush.