Jacki O And Foxy Brown Fight In Miami Studio

Miami rapper Jacki O confirmed that an altercation took place between her and Foxy Brown yesterday (April 24th) at Circle House studios in Miami, Florida.

According to Jacki O’s account, the altercation ensued after she invited the Brooklyn rapper into the studio, known for its amenities and opulence.

“I was all for the idea of having her join us in the studio," Jacki O said. "That shows how much respect I had for her.”

Jacki O said Brown entered the studio and had some words for Jacki O, which she overheard. According to Jacki

O, Brown returned to the studio, words were exchanged and a physical altercation broke out between the two women.

“This was not the way I wanted it to go down," Jacki O stated. "I was looking forward to working with her on a song. We are two women in hip-hop and should be able to come to the table together. She forced me to show her who is the madam of Miami.”

Representatives for Brown were not available to comment as of press time.