Jacki-O Signs With TVT, Stars In New Movie

Miami rapper Jacki-O has inked a deal with TVT Records

and will drop her Poe Boy Entertainment/TVT Records debut Poe Little Rich Girl.

Poe Boy Entertainment is no longer affiliated

with SoBe Entertainment or Warner Brothers Records. Until they signed with TVT,

Jacki-O's album was put on hold.

Jacki-O hit big with the single "Nookie,"

and stars in a new flick, "Other Side of the Bridge."

"It's a movie that we did with Dennis Rodman

just showing people the other side of the South Beach Bridge," Jacki-O

told AllHipHop.com. "A lot of people come to Miami, but they don't see

the other side."

The plot of the movie centers around two fictional

record labels feuding.

"I play Jacki-O, one of the artists on the

label that's trying to squash the beef," Jacki-O said.

Poe Little Rich Girl is due on shelves

this summer.