Jacob The Jeweler Sues Rapper Scarface Over Jewels

Jacob "The

Jeweler" Arabo filed a lawsuit against Scarface last week, claiming the pioneering

Houston-based rapper owes over $37,000 for jewelry purchased in 2002. The

famed jeweler to the stars claims that he repeatedly asked Scarface, born Bradley

Jordan, to pay for the undisclosed items without success, so he filed the lawsuit

in an attempt to collect the debt. Arabo

was indicted on federal money laundering charges in June, amidst claims that he

helped Black Mafia Family (BMF) wash over $270 million in suspected drug proceeds.Arabo

pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on $100,000 bail. He

recently made his first public appearance at the Make-A-Wish Ball at Miami's Intercontinental

Hotel, where he donated two watches to the nonprofit organization for children.