Jadakiss Denies Being Threatened

Jadakiss has refuted

the notion that four men were arrested last night (March 9) in an effort to

threaten him after an event honoring the murder of Christopher “Notorious

B.I.G.” Wallace.

“Those were

actually fans that got arrested,” he said to radio host Wendy Williams.

"[They shouted] D-Block, f**k 50! They brandished their hammer from the

car. Those were fans that were riding with me that happened to be in the wrong

place at the wrong time."

According to a

report by ABC News in New York, Jadakiss was leaving Hot “Official”

B.I.G. tribute party at the Roxy in New York.

The rapper was

allegedly threatened by four men in a stolen tow truck.

Jadakiss totally

denied the account of the incident as presented by ABC and officers on the scene.

While an incident

did occur, Jadakiss said the facts were being embellished.

"The cops

are switching it to make rap seem so violent,” he said acknowledging that

his beef with 50 was a lyrical sparring match.

The men attempted

to flee in the stolen tow truck, but ended up crashing into a police car. The

men have yet to be revealed, but police are questioning them now.

Kiss said the likelihood

of that situation happening to him in real life was improbable.


never happen to Kiss in the hood. I'm the people’s champion,” he concluded.