Jadakiss Makes Impressive Chart Debut

AllHipHop Staff

Jadakiss’ new album, The Last Kiss, debuted in at number 3 on Billboard Top 200, an impressive outing for the Lox rapper.

The Yonkers-bred rapper moved close to 135,000 records when the Nielsen SoundScan numbers were announced today.

Jadakiss has been a staple in Hip-Hop music for over 10 years, but hasn’t seen the crossover commercial success that some of his peers have experienced.

The rapper said he expected to sell well based on his work, but would continue to press forward to keep the momentum going.

“Everybody wants to sell a million records but that's just the least of it. You've gotta get sponsors,” he told AllHipHop.com. “Not to mention [that ,] I'm going to stay on this tour bus until the wheels fall off. I keep doing shows and arenas and then I'm hopping on a tour. You have to stay on the road and do other things. The sales of the actual physical album are down, you cannot just play on that like it’s the only card in your hand. You have to have to some other Trump card to fall back on.”

To further support The Last Kiss, he said he’s got a reality show on BET in the works.

Jadakiss said, “I'm looking for my next DJ [on the show]. I go to Philly, Chicago, Atlanta across the whole nation looking for the hottest upcoming DJ. I'm going to bring them back to Y.O. for some a la Diddy "Making the Band" type of s**t. They're gonna go thru a gang of competitions and who wins gets to be my next DJ.”

The Last Kiss marks Jadakiss' debut on Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella Records.